Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Merry Christmas...a little late!

Well, it's only one week after Christmas and I am finally posting about our wonderful holiday. We left town right after Christmas, so this is the first chance I have had to get on the blog. We had such a great Christmas this year.
We had fun Christmas Eve dinner at the hacienda del hirst . No, that's not a Mexican restaurant--We ate at Steve and Kay Lynn's house and had a great meal...Texas style! Chicken enchiladas and cheese enchiladas with beans and rice. She even topped it all off with a Mexican chocolate cake...I ate so much I thought I was going to pop! The kids had a blast, but this was the only night we have ever been able to leave without the kids putting up a fight. They knew they got to open a present when they got home. :)

And after we got home the hard part was picking which present to open--there were just too many to choose from
Millie had a really hard time deciding!

We topped off the night with hot chocolate around the fire (we actually had to turn on the air to need a fire, but it did create a nice setting for drinking the hot cocoa!) and a round of the 12 days of Christmas. We set out a few cookies and some milk for Santa and even a little reindeer mix in case the crew needed a snack, and then we headed for bed.

Christmas morning was very exciting. Chloe was the first to notice that there were some green packages around the tree that had not been there the night before

....those had to be from Santa!

So after jumping up and down on Daddy for quite a long time we all finally got out of bed and headed down to check it all out. There were 3 eager little ones waiting very impatiently for Daddy to get the video camera ready!
Hurry up Daddy!!!!

It was only a matter of seconds before they were tearing it all open....

Chloe was very happy to get the Barbie furniture she asked for. Now Barbie actually has a place to eat, sleep, cook and do her laundry!
Eliott got the pirate ship he wanted...Complete with pirates, cannons and a plank! AARG!!!
And sweet Millie actually made the good list. (we were all a little bit worried! just kidding!!!)She got lots of stuff (too much!)--Elmo, aqua doodle mat, computer games and a Baby Einstein book about animals and animal sounds...just in time since I asked her just a few weeks ago what a duck says and she mooed!

Oh...there's a camera...Chhheeeeese!!!
What a fun day! Christmas isn't over yet...We head to Charleston on the 26th!


mandy said...

Oh, that was a nice Christmas...kind of rubs salt in my wounds though...seeing you all together made me miss everyone so much!

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