Thursday, April 24, 2008

Chloe's first "girl's weekend"

Chloe and her friends Olivia, Liddi and Courtney.

Chloe had her first girls weekend last weekend and I had the privilege of coming with her. We went camping with her Brownie's troop and a Jr. Girl Scout troop at Camp Seven Springs. The weather was great and I know she had a great time with all her friends. I was excited that she wanted me to come. I wonder how long that will last? I guess I better enjoy it while it lasts!

We arrived early Saturday morning with 10 seven year olds and all their "gear".

The Girl Scouts did all the work...they cooked, cleaned up, made their beds...or should I say rolled up their packs, and even entertained us with a couple of skits. It was neat to see them all work together and I think Chloe learned a lot from the big girls. She was very concerned about me on the hike because she didn't want me to get anywhere near the poison ivy...what a sweetie!

I hope Chloe and I (and Millie too) have many more girls weekends together. But I am actually looking forward to my girls weekend this weekend with my girls friends!!! Sorry Chloe, your not invited this time! :)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

How many parties does one guy get?

We celebrated Eliott's birthday before we left Orlando--this actually was his real birthday--
April 4th. We didn't have any cake, but we had a candle and some ice cream. Nobody complained.

I can't believe my little boy is 5!

Then we celebrated in Charleston the next night with Jeff's family. We didn't have any candles this time but we had cake. Joy held up a lighter for Eliott to blow out! How resourceful! He was so excited to get a remote control motorcycle.

When we got back Eliott celebrated with cupcakes at preschool.

And finally on April 11th we had a Chuck-E-Cheese birthday party. We had cake and candles and friends and presents and games...What a fun night!
look...Cake and candles...we finally got it right this time!

The birthday boy
Millie dancing with Charlie

Chloe enjoying yet another birthday cake! I'd say we all benefited greatly from the multiple celebrations!
Here's Eliott and his friend Rachel.

I think that's enough celebrating for one year! Happy Birthday Eliott! I love you, my sweet little boy....or should I say big boy? I am so thankful that God blessed our family with you. You bring so much joy to our lives. I just wish you didn't have to grow up so fast!

Cooper River Bridge Run 2008

The kids had a great time on the way back from Orlando we spent a few nights with Jeff's family in Charleston, SC. The kids participated in the Bridge Run Kid's Run with cousin's Cole and baby Hannah Rae.

Cole and Millie ran in the toddler race and it was insane! I tried to get some pictures, but the crowd was so thick. I did the best I could! Cole made it to the finish line first and if you look close you can see a little pink--that's Millie! They made it and got a medal. We're so proud!

Then they had the race for the big kids...a quarter mile run. I got stuck with the stroller and couldn't get through the crowd. Joy got stuck with the little girls and Jeff ran with the rest...eventually we all found each other.

Jeff ran the bridge alone the next morning while the rest of us slept in. We'll be back next year...right Joy?

Disney with the McCalls

What a blast we had going to Disney World with our best friends the McCalls. We each had our own friend...Me and Holly, John and Jeff, Chloe and Anniston, Eliott and Grady and Millie and Wiley. I'm not sure if Wiley was very excited about his "buddy", but I think when we vacation in the year 2022 (Millie will be 16 and Wiley 15) he won't be quite as unhappy about it! :) I loved the McCalls the moment we met at South Fork Church of Christ back in 1997 and when they moved it was so hard for me to handle. But now we have the best vacation friends ever...I guess when you try hard enough you can find something good in everything--even their moving away! Wow! It only took me 8 years to realize that!

I was really happy with how great the kids played together--especially Chloe and Anniston. They are such great friends.

Eliott and Grady are learning to like each other...they certainly have a lot in common. They both like Buzz Lightyear, shooting guns and annoying their sisters!

Eliott was very excited about his new Pirate gun.

Apparently you have to make this face when you use it.

We certainly hope this is the ONLY time we ever see these 4 behind bars!!!!

Here they are right before the Pirates of the Caribbean ride with Captain Hook....

and here are their scary "Pirate" faces! ARG!!! Pretty scary huh!?

We had a blast riding rides, seeing shows, getting autographs and just hanging out.

Millie talked about "mitty mouse" all day and by the time we got through the line to meet him she was fast asleep. Oh well, I've got proof!

Did I mentioned that we had a 7 year old, a 6 year old, a 4 year old, a 3 year old, a 2 year old and a 1 year old with us? CRAZY!!!

But aren't they precious!?!

Holly and I especially enjoyed the night we got to leave early and the boys stayed late with "the big kids".

They stayed late to see the parade and the fireworks.
I think Grady and Chloe lasted....Eliott and Anniston crashed.

We were getting a little bit worried when it was 12am and they still weren't home. But they made it eventually---and all 4 sleeping children had to be carried in from the car. I think it was a night they will always remember

We had a great time with great friends! I can't wait until our next vacation together!

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