Sunday, September 9, 2007

we have a new pet!

Today we finally had our first Kids for Christ Worship service! It was great. My kids loved it. They said their favorite part was the puppet show--even though they knew it was mommy doing the puppet. I told them that was a secret and they couldn't tell the other kids--but I'm afraid they already know.

After church Jeff had to fly out of the country which led to an amazing display of tears from Eliott. He really loves playing with daddy. I am actually not sure who was more sad...daddy or Eliott! But after nap E was happy again because he said he had a new pet! He found a fly (apparently NOT flying) and put it in his hermit crab house (hermit crab died last week so there was a vacancy) and excitedly told me he had a new pet fly!
look closely...there's a fly in there!
I tried to explain that flies are not really pets and that it was probably already dead---which explains why it was so easy to catch! Eliott insisted that it wasn't dead because it's feet were wiggling when he put it in the crab house. He was so excited about it he actually forgot to be sad about Daddy being least until bed time.

Millie starts her first day of preschool tomorrow morning. I will be sure to post some pictures of that. Here she is having a little ice cream last night. I think she likes it...what do you think?

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Ten on Tuesday goes.

1. This is my first 10 on Tuesday.

2. Eliott met his preschool teacher today and didn't want to leave. The class is going to be so much fun! He has a great teacher and a class full of friends. He starts tomorrow (yeah for me!)

3. Eliott had his first soccer practice tonight--he is such a little athlete! He told me he was probably going to win a trophy--he is so full of self confidence...I love that!

4. Chloe had yet another fabulous day in the first grade--her first art class and would you believe all they did was go over the RULES!?!?! boo hiss!!! She didn't complain about it at all, but I must say I was a bit disappointed---bring on the paper, crayons, glue, watercolors, clay and glitter!

5. Chloe does have a new friend that I hear about everyday...Reagan. She is new this year and Chloe loves her. I am glad she has found a good friend---friends are important. (maybe even more important than art class!)

6. Millie turned 2 (about a week ago) and we just had her party-here are some of her little friends...they are so cute!

7. In the past few weeks (and especially today) Millie has been a living example of the "terrible twos". Wow...I really hope she is teething or something because she is quite the little monster! But just look at that sweet picture again...precious! She really is sweet most of the time. It's just when she is "terrible" it's really terrible! I am sure it is just a stage and I probably have a parenting book in my room that can tell me exactly what I need to do to work through this one...right Mandy? Perhaps I should read it.

8. Good grief...are we not to 10 yet?!

9. Jeff is MIA tonight and single parenting is not fun... especially when you have a 2 year old going through a stage or teething.

10. Time for bed and wouldn't you know it...Millie is crying. Duty calls...

like the new look?

Well, now that all my friends are joining me in the land of Blog, I feel the need to post more often. Does it matter that I don't really have anything to say? Apparently not! I am excited about my new look. I have tried many templates and I think I am finally happy with this one. The colors are definitly me and it is not too much...I believe this is the one. At least until next week. Let me know what you think.
I am still mornining the absence of the Scales family, but Bekah is back from her weekend in Vegas and although they say "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" she has told me all about her fun girls weekend (I am a little jealous!). But this made me think that maybe it was time to start dreaming about our next escape. When was our weekend away this year? February or March? So it really isn't too soon to start thinking about it.
I told Mandy I would do 10 on Tuesday, but it's almost time for soccer practice so that will have to come later.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

I'm back!

I am feeling a little blue and missing my Alabama friends already...but what a great weekend! I love when we all get together and our kids play together and we talk and laugh and laugh some more...just like old times. Like Eliott I have to ask "why did Mr. Cwishtian get a job so faw away?" Thank goodness for cell phones--although it really isn't good enough. I'll just be thankful for the time we have had and the next time we will see each other! (sniff)

I decided it was time for me to return to the land of the bloggers especially since KL is anxiously awaiting my next post! I have been to the beach, (almost) completed our new "children's wing" at church, had friends in from out of town and thrown a 2 year old birthday party all since my last blog. I really should have a lot to say!

The beach trip was great and much needed, I might add! We enjoyed vacationing with family. The kids had so much fun in the ocean and pool and Chloe finally conquered swimming underwater...way to go CoCo! Eliott rode the waves on his boogie board... and drank more than his share of salt water. Jeff took Chloe and Eliott crabbing and came back with about 20 crabs one day and enjoyed a day of golf with uncle Greg. I enjoyed the sanctuary of my back porch swing (probably my favorite place in the whole wide world!) , caught up on all the tabliods provided by aunt Laurie (Who knew Brittany was such a bad mom?! And Brad and it possible that it might not last?!) and got to spend a few hours at the new outlet mall with aunt Joy (much to Jeff's dismay)! We feasted on the Seabrook Island Seafood Buffet and (by the way, I hate buffets!) it was unbelievable...I ate more than anyone should ever eat in one sitting and loved every bite (I will say afterwards I remembered why I hate buffets). We rode our bikes, walked on the beach, played in the sand, splashed in the pool, played with our cousins and friends and had an amazing week!

It was so hard to leave the beach house behind and return to work, school and everyday life...back to reality!

I have to include a picture of Millie and her "cheeeese". She does this face everytime she sees a camera...where in the world does she get this from?!? I'll never know!

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