Friday, August 17, 2007

pictures at last!

Wow...Isnt' it interesting that I wanted to start a blog---spurred of course by the interest of my highly intelligent 6 year old daughter (and mandy too), but I can't seem to find the time to actually BLOG! When does one find the time? This is of course one of those time I refuse to admit my husband may have been right so I will find a way ...Oh yes, I will find a way to blog! Mandy has informed me that I think too much when I write so it takes me too long. Therefore, my intent hence forth is to write whatever comes to mind and let it go right out there for the whole world to read. Well, I doubt the whole world will actully view it since Mandy and KL are the only ones who even know about my bloggyness. I figured I better go ahead and post one since we are going to the beach this afternoon and I may not be able to post for about a week. My page already has a very sad forsaken look about it. :(

I think I will add a picture to bring a little life to it. Let me share a few from our fun family day at the Lazy 5 Ranch. We had so much fun! The kids actually hand fed a giraffe and zebra among various other interesting creatures. It was about 100 degrees outside and we were so hot. But it really was a great day for all...and we got some great pics when the kids cooperated.

I even made a new (monochromatic) friend!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

as if my life isn't exciting enough!

That's if my life isn't exciting enough, I have now started a blog. My husband just informed me that I am way too busy for this. Well, we'll see. I really just wanted to up my "cool" factor a notch or two--I might need more than a blog!
My oldest daughter wanted to start her own blog (should she even know what a blog is!?) and since she isn't old enough---not even close! I told her we would start a family blog and she can add a few things every now and then. She really just wants to post a wish list so everyone in the whole wide world will know what to buy for her... I know, we've created a monster!

This summer has been insane for the TrinhFam...we haven't even had a real vacation yet and school starts in a little less than 2 weeks. Where did the summer go? We are going to the beach next week, so we will get it all in before 1st grade and pre-school begins.

and now a few words from the monster herself:
wish list:

a baby brother

Well, that should be hard to find at Toys-r-us.

If I can find the time in my ever so busy life I will post more tomorrow---maybe even add a picture or two.

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