Monday, December 24, 2007

Home for Christmas

It is getting really close to the most amazing day of the year! My kids are sooo excited they can hardly sleep. And I admit too! I have had so much fun watching them pick out presents for daddy, and each other and their cousins Cole and Hannah Rae. Of course they have lists that are a mile long and want everything they see in commercials, but they are also enjoying the act of giving too and that really warms my heart. It just shows how much they really love each other...that's hard to see sometimes when they are fighting and fussing all day long, but they really do!
Eliott sang his precious little heart out in his pre-school Christmas program. He was a statue last year, but what a difference one year can make! He sang every word and did every motion. I guess this year he actually liked the songs.

Now school is out and we are loving our time together as a family---Jeff is even off work. We have been shopping together and wrapping presents and painting gingerbread houses and people (...and Millie painted herself!). I am truly having so much fun this year. Tomorrow we will be baking cookies for Santa and getting ready for the visit and opening one present before bed. I can't wait!

My little artists!

I am so glad that we are in our own house enjoying this time without the stress of packing and traveling to another state. This year we finally have the chance to make our own traditions. I just hope Santa actually knows where we live since this is the first time he has had to deliver our presents here (who am I kidding...he's magic!). Being home for Christmas is great. We might just have to make a habit of it!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Let's catch up

Let's face it when your computer is totally contaminated with viruses it takes more than 24 hours to get it right again! I am not sure it is really right, but at least I can blog with out 500,000,000 pop ups. (that might be a slight exageration)
Since I haven't made a real post in months there is sooo much to catch up on and I have the pictures to prove it.

We raised almost $1,000 for ALS research right after my last blog. Our friends (and favorite babysitters of all time) Mr. David and Ms KiKi walked with us and we had a blast. Chloe and Millie were proud to walk for Uncle Bill even though they actually rode most of the time!

and Jeff was very excited about all the free stuff!

How many Vitamin Waters did you get?!!

Then of course there was Halloween.... Chloe was a Wake Forest cheerleader, Eliott was Spider Man and Millie was a precious little lady bug (can you see that little face in there?). We got way more candy than we need, but seem to be putting a pretty good dent in the candy bag.
During the week of Halloween (and Chloe's 7th birthday--WOW!) Jeff was in Vietnam visiting family. Eliott was very impressed with Daddy's picture on the motorcycle. Jeff had so much fun riding it that he decided he wanted one to ride around Winston Salem...please do not let there be a big sale on motorcycles the day after Christmas!

In November we were able to go home to Chattanooga for Thanksgiving and had the great pleasure of stopping in Huntsville, Alabama to see the Scales We were only there for about 1 hour, but it took all of our strength to drag Eliott out of there! They all had such a blast playing with Gabe and Ansley and I loved seeing my friends--even if it was too short.

We were actually on the way to see my 95 year old Grandmother (Great Gransie). We got to spend several hours with her and my children would have made any mother proud! What better test of manners and behavior that a retirement home. They were so polite and quiet and did what I told them...It was like a dream and in the dream I had someone elses children! :) But of course they were back to their old ways as soon as we hit the road! It is good to know that when it is neccesary they do actually know how to behave VERY well. I know my grandmother loved the visit and we did too! She looks amazing for 95--doesn't she?!

After Thanksgiving we headed to Charleston, SC just in time to be at the Mall by midnight. I am not sure how I agreed to that after a 7 hour drive, but I did get a few new things to show for it. And of course, two weeks later I am still tired from it. I think my age is finally catching up with me! We had a great visit with Jeff's family and ate so much yummy food. And we finally got Mrs. Trinhs secret family recipe for Pho. Somehow I doubt my will taste just like hers, but I am certainly going to give it a shot!

Now it is December and we are fighting the lines at Toys-R-Us and the mall to get all the things our children want and really don't need by the 25th. Our secret basement closet hiding place it overflowing and I think I am almost done...and it's only December 10th! Can this be true!?!?!?

We met the Hirst family at their pre-school yesterday to take pictures with Santa and let me tell you...this was Santa...He was the best one I have ever seen! Millie was a little bit scared, but at least she didn't cry.

And I think we actually got a Christmas card picture of the whole family! That was quite a challenge, but KL was willing to take it on! Thankgoodness for friends.
And with that I leave you with these sweet little friends. It just doesn't get much cuter than that!
Don't worry, I don't plan on making it a habit of blogging once every 2 months---it really just takes too long!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

just one more day!!!

Ok...I know I am on the blogger bad list, but it's really not my fault! I am having computer whoas and can't seem to get it fixed. Give me 24 hours and I will be back in the swing of things. And just to tide you over I am attaching a beautiful photo for your viewing pleasure.
Have a great day and come back soon. :)

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