Monday, July 13, 2009

May...what a great month!

Well, May started out GREAT with the best girls weekend ever! We definitely missed Bekah, but managed to have a really great time. We spent the weekend at myseabrookcottage.We decided to cook instead of eating out a lot and it turned out to be a great plan. Mandy pulled together some amazing recipes from her cooking club and the pioneer woman too. I don't know if I have ever eaten so much good food in one weekend. We definitely ate better than we would have if we had gone out each night. In addition to the great food we had some great laughs...I actually think my ribs were sore when I got home from all the laughter. We went to the pool, the beach, bike riding, shopping, watched Twilight (we were all a little disappointed in the movie--the book was much better), talked, ate, watched Mandy text :) ... and laughed A LOT!!!What wonderful therapy it is to be able to get away with friends and just enjoy spending time together and laughing til it hurts. I am sooo thankful to have such wonderful friends to escape with each spring, and a wonderful husband who knows how important it is to me.

"here's to good friends, tonight is kinda special" pretty much sums it all up!

Preschool came to an end in May. The spring program was so cute--everyone dressed in white and denim and wore bandanas. All of the songs were a western theme. It was precious. Eliott sang his heart out and did every motion. Millie had a little stage fright, but at least she didn't hold Lukie back this time! :)

Eliott's class performance and graduation

Millie's class performance

Chloe's Brownie troop had their last meeting and Badge Ceremony and unfortunatley we came home with more than a few badges! Lice went through the troop and we did not escape without a few lice treatments. I guess it could have been worse, but I hope we NEVER have to go through that again!

Chloe receiving her badges from Troop leader Mrs Chaves

Here she is unknowingly being infested with head lice! Thanks friends!!! :0 Cute picture though!

May was fun and it ended with some great end of the year parties. I know the kids had a great year and Eliott is so excited to be leaving preschool and moving on to kindergarten...sniff, sniff!

Eliott's party was great...there was cake...and there was WATER!!! They played and jumped in the sprinkler and then washed a few cars! Wouldn't ya just love to have that little cutie wash your car? We might hire him out in a few years!

At Millie's party they splatter painted like Jackson Pollack and then played and ate ice cream...good times!

We were very excited to have Aunt Laurie there to enjoy some time with the kiddos...and spoil them rotten...and take lots of pictures! I guess that's what Aunts are for!

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Kay-Lynn said...

What great updates! I always love it when you get around to bloggin' beacuse there is so much to read!

I seem to be the same...never enough time...

girls weekend was so much always leaves me ready for more!

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