Friday, June 26, 2009

April...whew! what a month!

April was jam packed full of fun and super busy! We were actually in Winston for only one weekend of April and that weekend we had Eliott's birthday party...crazy! See why I can't find the time to blog?!?!

First of all, I accomplished my goal: I ran the Cooper River Bridge Run on April 4th. I ran the whole way!
Before the is so exciting to be in the middle of soooo many people about to run the race...the adrenaline rush is amazing!

I don't know if it was adrenaline or the 4 months of training, but I made it! I actually ran the whole way...what a feeling of accomplishment!

Me and Jeff after the race...he was so proud of me!

The kids ran in the Cooper River kids run. Millie ran a 100 yard dash (maybe a little less than that)...for Millie is was more of a 100 yard skiphop dash! She was so cute!

Eliott ran a quarter mile and, according to Jeff, complained the whole way...apparently he started out really fast and ran out of steam quickly. Also, he didn't like the fact that lots of people were passing him---he really likes to win!
And Chloe ran a mile--she ran the whole way!
They all got was fun and I am so glad that my kids are learning to be physically fit. I really hope that Jeff and I continue to set a good example for them by keeping fit ourselves!

We had a little family celebration for Eliott's bday while we were in Charleston.Me,the kids and cousins, Cole and Hannah Rae at Ba Noi and Ong Noi's house

The birthday day boy...I can't believe Eliott is 6 years old--What a big boy!!!
I love you so much Eliott!

After our weekend in Charleston we went to Chattanooga for Easter weekend. We enjoyed hanging out with grandma, grandpa, aunts, uncles and cousins and the egg hunt!

pictures of the handsome men (minus jeff--he must have taken the picture) and the ladies

The kids looking sweet in their Easter attire and Millie with Aunt Sue Sue and JR showing off all her eggs!

That's not all we did in April...oh no...were only half done! We were home for one weekend and had a Wii party for Eliott's birthday! Lots of little boys in the house playing was a little bit crazy, but it was fun!

Eliott making a wish and blowing out his candles...I sure hope he didn't wish for a baby brother!
Eliott's two youngest friends, Tyler and Wyatt, didn't play wii but appear to be having a good time!

Logan, Aidan, Landon and Jake playing wii.

Then we had a fun family trip to Washington D.C. for Jeff's cousin, Mai's wedding. We had so much fun with Jeff's family...even though Millie and I had 5th's disease during our trip. She had red cheeks and a lacy rash, but I had swollen and painful joints---it really did not make all the walking much fun, but I survived!

The Trinh Family (minus Uncle Pete and Austin--we missed you) infront of a few attractions.

Lots of photo ops

at the air and space museum

Taking a break from the heat with a cool treat!
These boys love each other so much...I wish we lived closer so they could spend more time together...but I guess that just makes being together more special.

Millie and Eliott at the reflection pool and Chloe with Hannah Rae on the Metro

Millie and Chloe hangin' out with their awesome aunts: Joy and Laurie...they are so lucky to have such fun aunts to spend time with!

So, obviously, April was a busy, busy month for us! I am so glad I got finish off the month with a little RandR on my annual Girls Weekend! That will have to be another post for sure!

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