Wednesday, July 15, 2009

June...schools out! Now what?

YAY!!!! I love it when school is finally out for the summer! (for about 3 days)

Just kidding! I do love having my kids home in the summer. There is no schedule and the days are long and the house is a disaster, but we love being together. I am so glad that my children love each other and play so well together. I hope as they grow up we can continue to foster that love for each other and the desire to spend time with each other. Don't get me wrong there are occasional fights and arguing and at times I will have to keep them apart, but deep down they clearly love each other and that brings me so much joy.

As soon as school was out Chloe went to spend a week with Aunt Joy and Aunt Laurie to be spoiled and supposedly to help Aunt Joy. We are getting excited to welcome new baby Johnson at the end of this summer and Chloe was thrilled to be there to help and play with cousins Cole and Hannah Rae. Eliott didn't want to leave her in Greenville, but he was excited to have kindergarten camp at Sherwood Forest Elementary. He met his teacher, Mrs. ? and made some new friends--? And got to do some fun kindergarten stuff. I know he is so excited to be starting school this year...mommy on the other hand is having a hard time!!! Thank goodness I still have Millie home to play with me everyday. :)

Finally, as June came to an end we had VBS. It was worth all the hours and hard work we put into getting it together....really--It was! It was the best VBS we have ever had---and that is directly from the kids! We had a little unexpected visit from Uncle Brent, Aunt Sue, Billie Jo and Natalie right before VBS started. What a great surprise! They came down for the Wooten Birthday Bash and spent a few days in Winston before heading to Chattanooga. The kids had a great time playing together...I think Billie is a little too big for playing, but hopefully she had fun anyway. We spent lots of time just trying to keep them cool---the hot weather in the south was quite a contrast to the 60 degrees and rainy days they have been having in Maine. We did the slip-n-slide...what fun!!! And went to 2 neighborhood pools and it was still unbelievably hot! Charlie even got some MUCH needed and long over due attention...doesn't she look happy! :) We should spend more time in the back yard!

We are going to pay them back with a visit to Maine in August...hopefully it will top somewhere in the upper 70's by the time we get there...or they may have to turn the heat on for me!!!

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