Sunday, September 9, 2007

we have a new pet!

Today we finally had our first Kids for Christ Worship service! It was great. My kids loved it. They said their favorite part was the puppet show--even though they knew it was mommy doing the puppet. I told them that was a secret and they couldn't tell the other kids--but I'm afraid they already know.

After church Jeff had to fly out of the country which led to an amazing display of tears from Eliott. He really loves playing with daddy. I am actually not sure who was more sad...daddy or Eliott! But after nap E was happy again because he said he had a new pet! He found a fly (apparently NOT flying) and put it in his hermit crab house (hermit crab died last week so there was a vacancy) and excitedly told me he had a new pet fly!
look closely...there's a fly in there!
I tried to explain that flies are not really pets and that it was probably already dead---which explains why it was so easy to catch! Eliott insisted that it wasn't dead because it's feet were wiggling when he put it in the crab house. He was so excited about it he actually forgot to be sad about Daddy being least until bed time.

Millie starts her first day of preschool tomorrow morning. I will be sure to post some pictures of that. Here she is having a little ice cream last night. I think she likes it...what do you think?


mandy said...

Great to see you posting again! Sorry your flying solo this week..I'm thinking a trip to the pet store for a fish is just what you all need....poor Eliott!

Kay-Lynn said...

Love the pics and stories! Keep them coming!

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