Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Ten on Tuesday

Ok...here goes.

1. This is my first 10 on Tuesday.

2. Eliott met his preschool teacher today and didn't want to leave. The class is going to be so much fun! He has a great teacher and a class full of friends. He starts tomorrow (yeah for me!)

3. Eliott had his first soccer practice tonight--he is such a little athlete! He told me he was probably going to win a trophy--he is so full of self confidence...I love that!

4. Chloe had yet another fabulous day in the first grade--her first art class and would you believe all they did was go over the RULES!?!?! boo hiss!!! She didn't complain about it at all, but I must say I was a bit disappointed---bring on the paper, crayons, glue, watercolors, clay and glitter!

5. Chloe does have a new friend that I hear about everyday...Reagan. She is new this year and Chloe loves her. I am glad she has found a good friend---friends are important. (maybe even more important than art class!)

6. Millie turned 2 (about a week ago) and we just had her party-here are some of her little friends...they are so cute!

7. In the past few weeks (and especially today) Millie has been a living example of the "terrible twos". Wow...I really hope she is teething or something because she is quite the little monster! But just look at that sweet picture again...precious! She really is sweet most of the time. It's just when she is "terrible" it's really terrible! I am sure it is just a stage and I probably have a parenting book in my room that can tell me exactly what I need to do to work through this one...right Mandy? Perhaps I should read it.

8. Good grief...are we not to 10 yet?!

9. Jeff is MIA tonight and single parenting is not fun... especially when you have a 2 year old going through a stage or teething.

10. Time for bed and wouldn't you know it...Millie is crying. Duty calls...


Kay-Lynn said...

Good 10 on Tuesday! I was wondering why can it not be two on Tuesday? Two starts with a "T" too.

mandy said...

Enjoyed your 1st TOT, I need to give it a go again. Love knowing all the kiddos details..we never get around to all of those when we talk. That little stinker Millie!! I love her anyway!

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