Sunday, September 2, 2007

I'm back!

I am feeling a little blue and missing my Alabama friends already...but what a great weekend! I love when we all get together and our kids play together and we talk and laugh and laugh some more...just like old times. Like Eliott I have to ask "why did Mr. Cwishtian get a job so faw away?" Thank goodness for cell phones--although it really isn't good enough. I'll just be thankful for the time we have had and the next time we will see each other! (sniff)

I decided it was time for me to return to the land of the bloggers especially since KL is anxiously awaiting my next post! I have been to the beach, (almost) completed our new "children's wing" at church, had friends in from out of town and thrown a 2 year old birthday party all since my last blog. I really should have a lot to say!

The beach trip was great and much needed, I might add! We enjoyed vacationing with family. The kids had so much fun in the ocean and pool and Chloe finally conquered swimming underwater...way to go CoCo! Eliott rode the waves on his boogie board... and drank more than his share of salt water. Jeff took Chloe and Eliott crabbing and came back with about 20 crabs one day and enjoyed a day of golf with uncle Greg. I enjoyed the sanctuary of my back porch swing (probably my favorite place in the whole wide world!) , caught up on all the tabliods provided by aunt Laurie (Who knew Brittany was such a bad mom?! And Brad and it possible that it might not last?!) and got to spend a few hours at the new outlet mall with aunt Joy (much to Jeff's dismay)! We feasted on the Seabrook Island Seafood Buffet and (by the way, I hate buffets!) it was unbelievable...I ate more than anyone should ever eat in one sitting and loved every bite (I will say afterwards I remembered why I hate buffets). We rode our bikes, walked on the beach, played in the sand, splashed in the pool, played with our cousins and friends and had an amazing week!

It was so hard to leave the beach house behind and return to work, school and everyday life...back to reality!

I have to include a picture of Millie and her "cheeeese". She does this face everytime she sees a camera...where in the world does she get this from?!? I'll never know!

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Unknown said...

so glad you are back! i been missing you. Well i am about to make my big dabut soon! so hopefully i can keep this up as well. Somehow i have the feeling that reading others blogs and making little comments is a whole lot easier than having a blog!

i had a great time this weekend..lots of laughing which i loved!

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