Sunday, July 29, 2012

Millie's birthday August 26th 2009

How is it even possible that my baby girl has just turned 4!?!? I know time flies...I've heard it before...but does it really have to travel at light speed!?
Millie is just the sweetest, most precious bundle of bouncy, sassy silliness! There that's what she is! She is the perfect one to complete our family of five. She is so much fun-- and I laugh so much because of Millie. I am so blessed to have my precious little silly Millie!
Kiki made Millie a fabulous cake on her actual birthday, August 26th--it was awesome! We had a little celebration with Bekah, Lukie, and Wyatt as soon as Chloe and Eliott got off the bus. It was hard to wait that long because the cake looked soooo good! And it was delicious! :)

The weekend after Millie's birthday we had her birthday party. It was a cupcake party--so easy and so fun--lots of cupcakes, frosting and sprinkles...good times!! We decorated cupcakes and spent a little time coloring and playing. Everyone went home with their own decorated cupcake and a hello kitty coloring book. Millie got lots of baby stuff--which she loves! She likes to be "the momma" and take care of her babies. She is always changing their diapers and feeding them bottles and giving them baths...she is going to be a great mommy one day!
I just can't believe how fast she is growing up. It makes me a little sad, but I love the little person she is becoming. She is just as goofy as can be. I think we have a special bond--- she actually looks like me, she's creative, silly, stuborn, not remotely shy, she has an imaginary friend (lily)...just like I did at her age, and she loves to laugh--but don't cross her or she'll push you down and tell you to shut your mouth....I just don't know who she got that from...can't be me!
And she sure is good at making other's laugh! She certainly makes me laugh all day long.

Millie, I am so very thankful for the day you were born. This family has not been the same since...we have been better. You add such a special quality of fun and pure joy to our lives and I am so grateful for you. I love you! Mommy

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